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Neptune Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd is a licensed Short Term Insurance Broker. In addition to providing Broking Services, we also provide Risk Management and Consulting Services.

Broking Services

In the increasing competitive environment businesses find themselves in the 21st Century, the success of any organisation relies on the quality of its products or services and efficiency and reliability of its supply chain. At Neptune Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd, we aim to ensure that your business is protected whenever any of these fundamental pillars of your business fall victim to circumstances beyond your control.

We do this by:-

  • Providing customised insurance products designed to specifically address the unique requirements of your business;
  • Access to niche products which are not readily available in the local market or which require specialist markets;
  • Access to offshore markets in all of the major Global Insurance Markets;
  • Specialist advice and expertise sourced from leading industry practitioners;
  • A holistic approach to risk which include non-insurance products.

Risk Management Services

Risk Management entails more than just risk identification, evaluation and control – it requires a shift in mindset.

Neptune Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd assists its clients in this process by:-

  • Partnering with the Management team in order to implement a successful and sustainable Risk Management Programme;
  • Assistance in the implementation and execution of a Risk Management Programme, be it enterprise wide or in specific risk areas;
  • Access to unique Risk Management products including Risk Financing;
  • Access to specialists Risk Management consultants;
  • Consulting Services

The local insurance industry has experienced a significant dilution in expertise over the past 15 years. Amongst other reasons, the implementation of strict compliance regulation has had the negative effect of forcing many of the senior practitioners into early retirement. This has resulted in many companies in the industry being forced to employ inexperienced or ill-equipped personnel in senior, decision making positions.

Neptune Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd has identified this as a major concern affecting customers, brokers and insurers alike. We therefore offer specialist consulting services to not only the industry but also to non-Neptune insurance clients who would like an independent evaluation of their insurance products.

At present Neptune’s services include, but are not limited to Marine Insurance products, Commercial Insurance Products, Personal insurance products and specialists insurance products